The Power of Perspective


Life – like clockwork – keeps on going. But time is also the gift that brings peace of mind by healing pain from old wounds, and strengthening eyes to bring forth perspective.

Often, mistakes are the fall that helps us dodge the bullet, but we are too busy tending the scrapes on our knees to notice the chaos we escaped.

It is only when looking back and connecting the dots, you can see fates craftsmanship: every turn, every dent, every encounter had a purpose. You see all mistakes and regrets in proportion to the role they played, and not as inflated as when you let it hover over you. You remember moments of joy and happiness like the guests that they are and reflect on the gifts that they brought to your life.

Perspective is power; it gives you a choice. It’s in this choice, that the scales of life tip one way or another. Choose wisely and the light will illuminate your trail; a backlight showing you where you came from and a torch showing you where you’re heading to next. No matter where you find yourself, under whatever circumstance, your life will always be lit.
However choose foolishly, and the opposite will hold; every moment will be waiting for the sieve of perspective to neutralise the great times, or turn any flickering light into a darkness, overshadowing your every move.

The power is in the mind. The mind holds the perspective. A small shift in perspective can be the minds gift, or the minds curse. It’s in the hands of the beholder, cemented in the hands of time therein.

So, are your footsteps a stain that follows you wherever you go, tainting your every move? Or is it a mark of your legend, reflecting your history like a memoir of your ages?

In choosing the right perspective, you will never let your light go dim. A bright mind will radiate and glow from within. Your spark will melt into the stars and be another guiding light for all who choose to look up, instead of down.

Perspective is everything; see the silver lining…

Diary of a Deluded Heart

Written: August 3rd 2016
Published: September 28th 2016

Illustration by the very talented Charlie Bowater

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