Dreams|vs|Broken Dreams

Dreams|vs|Broken Dreams.jpg

Dear Deluded Heart,

Dreams are as fragile as they are sturdy; they will stand for as long as we chase them. The end of a pursuit however, turns dreams into broken dreams. And broken dreams always come back to haunt us.

That is the nightmare I fear; I dread the turn of the table…
…The slight tip of the scale, between dreams and broken dreams: Where one drives me forward, the other will run me over the edge. Where one fills me with hope, the other will seal me with anxiety. Where one requires striving to achieve, the other requires striving to forget… because torment scatters the path of a deserted road. But try as I may, I cannot unfeel a burning desire. I cannot unsee a grand design. I cannot truly forget about a dream, and there’s a price to the upkeep of pretence. Soon, the dust of the years gone by will gather beneath the carpet, until it can no longer conceal itself…

The river that quenched my thirst, will be the place I drown.
The sky I drew inspiration from, will be the great black hole.
What starts off as a vision, will soon become blinding.
What once spoke to me, will slowly start taunting.
What brightened my spirit, will be the cause of my dimming.
My joyous heart will be heavy with debris;
Scattered pieces sinking the broken shards deeper with every heartbeat.

And that is the moment the decay of my dreams will tug at my seams, and no time can mend that scar.

So although I welcome my infinite dreams now, I must do so with caution.
For that spark that ignites itself within, may be my saviour from the imminent dark, but without a moments notice, it can turn into a blazing inferno and damn me to a lifetime of ruin.

Don’t let your dreams turn broken, for that is damage beyond repair.

Diary of a Deluded Heart

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