Once Without a Time

Once Without a Time.jpg

For someone who is so obsessed with time, I seem to forget that most people move on with it.

It is not an attribute of the common, to hang up a broken clock in the hall of their stagnant lives. That is a pattern of my own.

I’m typically atypical in my state of standstill. I’m inspired to aspire from the walls within.
The lure of the day marks just the coming of the night. The night beckons me to sleep, for the coming of a new day.

But others, they venture forward and seek to get lost, knowing that the discovery of life comes in the adventure of its course.

Their tales will be told as a time they were once upon, but mine will be told as being without, for I live in a place where the ticks do not applaud me, so I am not accepted as part of that story.

Once without a time” will be my only legacy. I’ll be lost outside of the ages.
Unaccounted for, for I didn’t count the score, counterbalancing the accounts of times galore.

Yes, it’s a strange thing to sit and write about time. For actually, it completely eludes me.

Diary of a Deluded Heart

Written: September 7th 2016
Published: January 31st 2017

{Written with Vallendri Arnout in mind}

8 thoughts on “Once Without a Time

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with time. There is never enough time in the day to accomplish all that I set out to do. And likewise I always feel as if time is constantly running out for me and I fear not accomplishing enough with what seemingly little and fleeting time I have left.

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    1. Totally! Time is usually sandwiched between love and hate. A lot comes down to timing… A lot depends on time… A lot is healed – or buried – by it too. It’s one of those elusive things, yet one of life’s fascinating features I suppose… Thanks for the comment =)

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    2. Also, I was browsing through your site and tried commenting on your blog “Unsent letters” – unfortunately it wouldn’t allow me to do so (something about javascript and cookies, although I’ve never had this problem before). So here it is instead: This [your blogpost] is written with such heartfelt sincerity; it leaps off the page. “While I sincerely miss having you as a friend, I’m reminded that, in life, not everyone who comes into ones life stays around forever…” – this line had me revisiting my own Gerry. It came with a bitter sweetness; to remember a beautiful relationship that is no more. Great post ∞

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  2. For some reason, paragraph 6th make me cry.

    I dont know maybe because most of the time I feel like that (left by time and people around me). For example like some friends are travel all around the world and I just read novel and culinary around here. And maybe I looks normal and do stuff like other people do, but actually I often not understand what I do and why I do that.

    God, thank you thinking about me when write it.

    You are the best! How come you write such a small amount of words but like. . . “enough”.😊

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