Dear Spielberg’s “The Big Friendly Giant”

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THE BFG” movie,

These words are my own, from my heart flow: I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you…

Ok so they aren’t my words exactly, but Natasha Bedingfield’s song served as a suitable (albeit random) surrogate…
Because I love you, you friendly sir.

So, what to say…? Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?— No no, let’s deviate from Shakespeare. Thou shall not possess my pen! – Be gone with you *exit scene*

In complete departure from the aforementioned, I shall compare thee to a big squishy gummy bear… holding a whisk! For you made my heart go fluffy, whipped it up and served it back to me with a cherry on top.

I don’t know what it was about you, but you made me feel warm and fuzzy. You’re an ode to my old self: a nostalgic melody humming the tune of my youth. I grew up reading you, so this was a connection I connected to the film instantaneously, as it captured the spirit of the book entirely. It’s a rare thing, to have an adaptation retain so much heart; drumming to the same beat whilst adding a few strings of its own. And when it goes well, it’s a symphony!

It was as if the camera projected the visions in my minds eye when I was reading you all those years ago, except my mind is no match for Spielberg’s. His creative spark lit up the whole film as he brought a touch of magic to it unlike any other.

You are wholly wonder-fueled, wonder-filled, and absolutely wonderful!


The story of The Big Friendly Giant uncovers a secret keeping; a world adorned by the most out-of-this-world, technicoloured, magical imaginations; the type which casts its spell and puts you under a deep enchantment. Lucky for us, it’s of the good kind…

The movie however, has been given the breath of life by two counterparts; the author, and the director; one planted the seed, the other harvested it. One conceived the story, the other birthed it. One gave it heart, and the other cloaked it. Whatever flight of fancy you choose to accept for this world of fantasy, just picture this analogy:

A golden apple once fell from a golden tree, this apple telling the tale of the magical BFG. As it landed, it landed into our realm, the golden apple cracked, ditched at the helm. The single golden apple which was now two, split the tale from the vision, to a place no one knew. Out in the wilderness it waited for years, for their silent whispers to reach someone’s ears. Two heard the calling from distances far, picked up the pieces and crafted their art. One discovered by Dahl who began at the crease; he offered his voice and narrated this piece. The other found Spielberg who quickly did learn, to lend out his ears, and give eyes in return. And just like that, two became one; the apple was whole, the BFG was reborn. Unlike co-creators of differing visions, this was a perfect alliance of different ambitions; not a near match, not an almost fit, but the perfect harmony, like the tree fashioned it. And now these two genius’ have set their creation free. It’s fated to greatness, you must go and see! Give it a nice homecoming. Be dazzled. Be pliant. Go and be enchanted, by the Big Friendly Giant.

Diary of a Deluded Heart

Written: July 23rd 2016
Published: September 8th 2016

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