Cupid’s Chokehold


Cupid shot me with his musical, note-shaped arrow.
With a tip spiked in song, the direct shot pierced my heart, filling my body with a sweet symphony that ceaselessly sings to me everywhere I go.

But this special arrow came with a bitter sorrow; a slow releasing poison tainting the bloodstream from which it feeds on. It’s a burden which weighs me down with a deep, consuming, unrequited love for the intangible; an echo of a distant song I can never catch.

I’ve sipped from the river of music, and now I’m left even more thirsty and delirious – caught in Cupid’s chokehold.

Diary of a Deluded Heart

Written: July 14th 2016
Published: September 3rd 2016

9 thoughts on “Cupid’s Chokehold

      1. well…I was thinking of how your very intrpretation of your thoughts was a separate art from the content of what your words provoked…so, I was “confused” or better said, I was overwhelmed by two separate perspectives and thoughts at once. I guess it would be like being on both side of the mirror at once. ??

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      2. I see! that’s very well observed. I’m always drawn to contrast; almost like the moon and its dark side, or as you very nicely put it, like both sides of a mirror. That’s where i find my equilibrium. Cupid himself uses an arrow as his tool. But Cupid is a representation of love, whereas arrows are an infliction of pain. I’ve always found that quite interesting

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      3. Perhaps it’s All part of his dopamine attraction, addiction and continued lure – makes sense to me. Plus he’s naked and that’s probably just aded distraction. Cupid id a fine hunter. : )

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