Dear “The Walking Dead”…



The Walking Dead

…Oh how thee tooketh mine heart and grabbed it by the nut-eth! Now, I don’t know if that’s a thing – both the phrase and the word “nut-eth” – but it is now!
For mine heart is heavy… woe, woe, woe!

You Walking Dead, hath played with mine head, and thou hast single-handedly realised mine worst Walking-Dead-Fears: namely,mine Glenn hath gone!

And now, I am stuck with Shakespeare’s tongue! – Why? I doth not knoweth why, and thou art a curious bastard from probing me with such questions! AND an insensitive one at that! Glenn hath kicked the bucket – leaveth me beest…

Okay, Okay, lets take it down a few notches. Let’s speak Walking-Dead language…

You see, Glenn was the Carl to my Rick. The dreads to my Michonne. The dirt to my Darryl – I don’t know a Walking-Dead-Life without him! So now that he’s been smushed, what’s the point of my Walking-Dead-Life anymore?


But alas, true as it may be, I see why it had to be done…
Glenn was the tool to break the unbreakable…
Yes, we HAD to see Rick break.

And what a way to do it…

Momentary real-talk: that whole episode was intense – it was executed brilliantly (see what I did there)
I was left just as speechless as all the characters who were witness to that nightmare.
I was as present as the people.
And there was no way out.

What’s most chilling, is to think that this entire episode was absolutely horrifying for reasons void of the supernatural. In a world of the dead, it’s the living we fear; it was the humans who were the monsters. And that’s the sad reality.

One single man broke Rick; Not the scars of battle. Not the traumas of life. Not the pain of death. A single, arsehole man: Negan


Merciless. Cold. Evil.

Yet, for a heartless man, why am I seeing heart?
For an impulsive being, how is he so smart?
From where does his charm come from…?


Consider that above, to be my momentary consideration.
But worry not, I am not a sadistic sicko, nor has the darkness lured me. Perhaps it’s just Jeffrey Dean Morgan who has. (the actor who plays Negan…) (…then again, that may have been an obvious reference there…) (…let’s forget about my poor judgment of bracket-use.)

Back to Glenn: Yes, my heart has been eclipsed. – When the brilliant Ginger-Ninja died, I was sad… but I was silently relieved; relieved that Glenn was untouched. Looking back, I can see how premature that was.

But it is also in this reflection, that I understand that, had Glenn not been the chosen sacrifice, that entire sequence would have been different. Come to think of it, short of Carl, Darryl and perhaps Michonne, who else would stir such a reaction? Who would be the thread that would cause the biggest undoing in the fabric of Rick’s group…? (Going with the analogy…) …the answer is the stitch that weaved them together: Glenn.

Glenn was the pulse of the pack…
The salt of the script…
He was the hero.
Glenn had to be the one.
Only one mans heart was weighty enough to cause such a ripple in the Walking-Dead-Sea… and that was he.

Yes… although I am sad, Glenn did not die in vain.
His spirit was honoured, albeit with a bashing.

And that’s my momentary turmoil!

This moment will forever be dubbed the golden moment. That glorious – nay – GORIOUS moment will shatter Walking-Dead history for seasons to come.

You will be missed, Glenn. You will be missed.

Over and [exit scene].

Diary of a Deluded Heart

2 thoughts on “Dear “The Walking Dead”…

  1. Great post. One thing to understand about Negan if you can look at things from his point of view, after the head bashing’s he bestowed, in his mind he has a lot of people to care for, just like Rick, and like Rick he will do whatever it takes to take care of them. If anyone hurts them, he will do whatever he has to, to eliminate that threat just like Rick thought he was doing by eliminating Negan’s men. The difference between the two is Negan has a bit less of a conscience than Rick does. He will literally do anything to take care of his people, ie, bash a few skulls with his bat Lucille. Taking 50 percent of everyone’s stuff ensures his people are cared for and he is still leaving 50 percent for them to survive on as well and at the same time growing his numbers by forcing himself as their new leader. There is a gang out there that does a similar thing. The Crypts, they grow by taking over other rival gangs. It’s they same concept. He also won’t hurt women unless they are a threat to his life or the life of his people but he will take your woman as his as punishment. Notice you didn’t see Dwight’s wife with him after they were recaptured by Negan? Food for thought. Again great post.

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  2. Thank you! Very interesting perspective. And it’s true… as the saying goes “One man’s villain is another man’s hero” – And that may be very well the case for Negan. Now that Glen is gone, I can watch the show more fearlessly! And so, I’m looking forward to meeting The Crypts!


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