Do YOU Believe in Santa?

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I never used to believe in Santa, but as I got older, I started to.

As my understanding grew, Santa became more and more real. The thought behind this is simple:

Just as Cupid is the embodiment of Love, Santa is the embodiment of Christmas Spirit. That same Christmas spirit we don’t need to see, to believe, and we don’t need to hold, to feel.

Do we believe in that angel-winged child, merrily striking us with an arrow tipped in love? Well… no. (God knows if I did, I’d be on the hunt for those arrows myself.) But Love is real. Cupid is Love.

The same goes for Santa and Christmas Spirit. He is the personification of Christmas spirit. He is the face that makes children believe. He is the tradition that we enjoy.

Just as cupid shoots his arrows through our words and actions, Papa Noël reveals himself through our mirror reflection… but only if we choose to really see him there.
There’s a bit of Santa in us all. In us is where he truly lives; we are all, his secret keeping.

So perhaps the elusive coordinates to the North Pole is within us too…?
Mrs Claus lives in our Hearts – pouring love and soul in what we do.
The elves work on our minds – conjuring plans and ideas for the gifts to give.
The “Naughty and Nice List” is the Year – the one which weighs who remains in our lives and who does not, awarding presence with presents.
And the reindeers… well… they’re just for good measure.

So, do I believe in Santa? Indeed I do. I believe in what he represents, and so long as we keep the Christmas spirit alive, he will always be real.

Ho ho and ho.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones

Diary of a Deluded Heart

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