Happy 2017!

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Happy New Year folks! May 2017 be full of things that have never been!

May it bring you all happiness, magic and love. May it be full of madness (of the good kind) tiredness (of the fulfilling sort) and wonder and awe. May you always stay curiouser and curiouser.

I hope you all read some fine books, listen to some soul-feeding music and watch some eye opening movies. I hope your feet wander off on spectacular adventures and your arms embrace every opportunity. I hope you give your heart to someone who deserves it and your lips meet someone who thinks you’re as wonderful and as magical as you are. I hope hopes and dream dreams for you all, until you find your happy place, and far beyond that too.

This year, I hope to welcome this world in all its savage beauty, and surrender to it wholeheartedly, doing with it what I can. I hope you all do the same. 2017 is the one. For real this time.

All your dreams, all your fantasies, and all your most elaborate delusions, they are my infinite wishes for you.

Peace ∞ Love

Diary of a Deluded Heart


Cupid’s Chokehold


Cupid shot me with his musical, note-shaped arrow.
With a tip spiked in song, the direct shot pierced my heart, filling my body with a sweet symphony that ceaselessly sings to me everywhere I go.

But this special arrow came with a bitter sorrow; a slow releasing poison tainting the bloodstream from which it feeds on. Continue reading “Cupid’s Chokehold”

Dear Josh: Reflections from a Letter

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Josh Radnor,

Like a melody sung by a jester, some are stolen, some are your own…

These lyrics resonate with me, but that’s a fact I don’t share for fear that it would pull the strings and unveil all the details within my fabric – something which you kind Sir, form a part of…

…And of all the possible ways I could’ve woven you in there, it is your literary work that I grew a serendipitous affinity with; and by that of course, I’m referring to your 2014 letter: “DEAR DAMIEN RICE’S SEMINAL 2002 ALBUM O

Beyond a fan of your craft, your art or your work, I grew a literary affection and a pure affinity with the string of words right before me; sentences on a page so eloquently speaking a language I understood. Words put together which paralleled my own stream of thoughts, those I could never present so orderly or so daringly.
So I did the worst thing that anyone could, and that is, I co-opted the intangible; I took your words and wrapped them around my own.
Wherever relevant, I dabbed my pen in your ink (in fact, for better analogy, I took your pen from your drawer and then commenced with the ink dabbing, but let’s not get too metaphorical)

Where my words fell short, I subbed you in. Whenever I wanted to express my love for a particular art form, your letter was my reference. And just like that, I became the jester, singing a melody made up of words stolen, and some of my own.

I’ve never quite cracked why I chose to write my melody this way. I don’t think I’m a bad writer and I certainly don’t lack the creativity, it goes far beyond that though.

And I think I came one step closer to figuring it out just recently…

* * *

I recently went to an intimate concert, during which I was wholly hypnotized once more, and whilst listening to the songs, I fell in love all over again – in all its glory and heartbreak – with music. (I don’t mean that lightly, I do genuinely fall in love with it.) It’s a deep love affair I sometimes wish I never learnt to get into, but I get in deep nonetheless.

During this one particular song that was floating around me, I closed my eyes and had a thought… “If I had to be a song, I’d choose you…Continue reading “Dear Josh: Reflections from a Letter”