A Work in Progress

Starburst cluster shows celestial fireworks

Dear Amanuensis Sobriquet-Reverie,


Maybe that’s what you are like…
From my understanding, a Nebula is a cloud in the outer space. From the distance, it can look like a dark silhouette to most. But to others, it reveals the bright wonder of patchwork. You are that bright beautiful patchwork riding through the night. The night, your veil. Your veil, your sanctuary and your keeping.

Yes, a Nebula.
Perhaps that’s what you are like…

Thank you so much for letting us into the nebula of your mind ∞

Amanuensis Sobriquet-Reverie

Diary of a Deluded Heart has an About Me page that encouraged me to write a post this morning.

“So that’s me. Self-definition can be a daunting task, but I’m getting closer…  
If the tale of my great flawed truth has made you think about yours, then I’d love to extend the branch and have you share yours below!
Ask yourself, within the prism of your life, where does your greatness show itself and where do your flaws hide…? Place them together, and you’ll find your whole truth…
➵ ∞ #DiaryOfaDeludedHeart

This is an expansion to the comment I posted:
“This goes for even the most hard-headed of us. For even the stubborn, steady earth bows down to the seasons change.” I am one of the very hard headed, stubborn folk. My past streaming beyond me has no end. Like your wire person in the image with the strands…

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Dear Larissa: Night Vision


Dearest Larissa,

Imagine for one moment, it was all genuine. The words, the smiles, the look, the touch, it all meant something. And when he swept you away it was intentional, with aim. You were sought after, you were looked after. It all meant something.

Just imagine for one moment, it was all real. And you weren’t crazy. And it mattered.

Because whether you’ve lost something that was real, or holding onto something that wasn’t, it was a flame that’s now lost to the dark – but it’s as present as the stars in the sky, the one you always find yourself looking up for. Has the darkness consumed it or does it light up the night? Will your star be a dead fire from the past or a flickering light in the distance? Will you resent its absence or appreciate its existence?

Whichever way you choose to see it, just choose to see it… for if anything, he illuminated your path if for a moment of time. To deny it in any which way – for better or worse – that’s the real loss. You traded in your time for a memory, it’s your duty to make it a good one. Because nothing changes the past other than your perception of it. Continue reading “Dear Larissa: Night Vision”