6.Fire||Love DODH.jpg

A fire that burns one thing, gives light to another. It saves life and it takes it.

For this instance, let Love be this relative fire…

Careless Lover|| The fire of love haunts me; because I crave the same flame that sets me alight.

1|| My fire turns me into a moth to the flame – one that’s hypnotic and alluring… as enticing as it is teasing… inviting yet deceiving. It attracts and then attacks. The magnetising lure of the light flickering in the dark, on and off and on and off. Yet I am the moth, my lovers the flame. I’m ready to burn over and over again.

Love is my thrill; a sadistic, merciless obsession with the glowing sparks that is as beautiful as it is dangerous.

Cautious Lover|| The fire of love haunts me; because I know that soon it will become me.

2|| My fire is steady and sturdy. Roaring ablaze… luring light… howling heat… and it is crackling my name. Though this inferno is teasing me from afar, I choose the cold, dark, lonely shadow as my dwelling. As I stare from a distance with caution, this is a fire I fear, not from its threatening pain or torment… but because my body – drenched in fuel – is ready to be consumed whole. One small step towards the light and my fire will set me aflame forever, never to be extinguished. And how can I escape what I become..? A body eclipsed by the all mighty fire of love, a fire I know I will one day come to be.

Love is my curse. One touch and I become fated to the fall with no return – a trip either graced by the light of the white or doomed to the dark of the black; either way, with me there never is the truce of an equidistant grey. Continue reading “Fire|as|Love”