Time Talar

1.Time Talar DODH.jpg

Welcome to the standstill; here in my timeless volt lays unspoken words. Guarded by broken clocks, these dormant verses have served no other purpose than to just be. But I’m about to shake up the sands of time, delve into history and finally set them free; I’m venturing online as I time travel into my work: old and new.

I’m fortunate enough to have documented my words and thoughts hoping that one day I could gain perspective from my history so as to build on my future; to get into my own head with a new perspective and extend my thoughts, turning the fleeting finite moments into an ever-changing infinite cycle. With that, I found that I could finally go beyond being a writer; I became the storyteller, the muse and the reader, shifting perspectives as I orbit around the centrepiece of my work.

Having fashioned my words, the final touch comes in giving it wings. What was once solely mine now has free reign. So join me as I jump onto the blogwagon and step into infinity.

Diary of a Deluded Heart


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